These steps are for FiberHome AN1020-25 ADSL Wireless Modem provided by PTCL Broadband.

Open in your Web Browser.
A dialog will appear asking for Username and Password.
Enter admin in both Username and Password.

If the Username and Password are correct, you will see a page like below:




Now, click on “Advanced Setup” and then click on “NAT“:


Click on “Add” and enter the Local IP and Port you want to forward.

Here I am forwarding Port Number 27015 of UDP which is default port for Counter-Strike 1.6 Server.

This port is being forwarded to my computer’s IP which is

In case you are setting up a Web Server like WAMP/XAMPP, the default HTTP Port Number is 80 of TCP

Click “Save/Apply”.

Your port should be forwarded successfully now!



As of March, 2015 PTCL has blocked port forwarding for Dynamic IP DSL connections. For Port Forwarding to work, you must order Static IP from PTCL.