How to fix “Unable to determine CPU Frequency” error in HLDS

Unable to determine CPU Frequency

If you are running HLDS on a Windows Server or you manage your server via FTP, you may never see this error throughout your life. Since I am running HLDS on CentOS Virtual Machine (using Virtual Box), I occasionally see new errors like this one. The reason behind using VM is that CentOS is much stable as compared to Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 which is notorious for crashes and messy permission issues. The complete error message that I received on console…

Port Forwarding on TP-Link Router / Modem

TP-Link Router Main Page

These steps are for TP-Link Routers and Modems including but not limited to: TL-WR1043ND / TL-WR841HP / TL-WDR3600 / TL-WR843ND / TL-MR3040 / TL-WDR4300 / TL-WR940N / Archer C7 / TD-W8901G / TL-WR842ND / TL-WDR4900 / TL-WA730RE / TL-WDR3500 / TL-WA830RE / TL-WA850RE / TL-WR1042ND / TL-WR340GD / TL-MR3220 / TL-MR3420 / TD-W8951ND / TD-W8961ND / TL-WR740N / TL-WR741ND / TL-WA801ND / TL-WA901ND / TL-WR340G / TL-WR841ND / TL-WR941ND / TL-WR743ND / TL-WR740N / TL-MR3220 / TL-WR1043ND / TL-MR3420 /…

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