We have seen many server owners asking about how to show Content Hosting Provided By banners on different online forums and social website. Most of the solutions provided on those forums are outdated and hence not working. So here is a simple, updated and working tutorial for setting this up for your HLDS Server.
CounterStrike Content Hosting Provided By Banner Logo
Content hosting provided by is a banner which is displayed to the players connecting to a Counter-Strike server. When a new map is added on server, a player is shown this banner with a progress bar while the map is downloading on their computer.

These steps are tested on Counter-Strike 1.6 Server but they should also work on other servers too.

  • Banner Design:
    Design a 340 x 56 GIF banner named steam_banner.gif in your favorite logo designing software.
    You can also download and edit this logo we are using for our server:
    CS Steam Banner

  • Required Files:
    You will need to place your banner file and an HTML file named steam_banner.html in the gfx directory like below:
    Edit the steam_banner.html file and place the following code in it:

    <body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="margin: 0px" bgcolor="#000000">
    <a href="http://cdn01.counterstrike.com.pk/game/cstrike/gfx/" target="_new"><img border="0" src="steam_banner.gif"></a>

  • Hosting Space / Fast Downloading:

    Read this tutorial for setting up Fast Downloading: Setup fast downloading for Counter-Strike

    This is where you upload your maps and other resource files so they can be downloaded with full speed. You will also need this place to upload your banner and the HTML file. Setup the directory structure on the web host accordingly. Go to cstrike/gfx directory and upload your banner and HTML files there.
    Suppose your web host address is MyCSServer.000webhost.com then your files should be accessible like this:

  • server.cfg File:
    Append the following lines in your cstrike/server.cfg file:
    sv_downloadurl "http://MyCSServer.000webhost.com/cstrike/"
    sv_allowdownload 1

  • Testing:
    Add a new map to your server that you have never played before and also upload it on your web host. Now restart your server and join your server from game. While the new map is downloaded, you should see your banner in action.