Fix Raiz0 Fake Player Spammer, Flooder and Server Crasher Exploit

If you are active in Counter Strike 1.6 Servers these days, you might have noticed a new type of crashing exploit that is being used in wild to crash cs 1.6 servers. This is a new crashing technique which exploits an Input Validation vulnerability in Counter Strike 1.6 Steam Engine. Usually you will see multiple players joining with names like #Cstrike_GIGIN_Label or other similar looking nicknmes. Upon successful exploitation, game of all the players connected to that server is crashed!…

Ibbi has connected!

Hi guys, This is my first post on this website. I will be posting stuff related to games that I have played so far and those that I am willing to play! That will not be limited to PC Games but Online Games, Mobile Games (Android, IPhone), Console Games, PSP, PlayStation, etc. will also be included. I hope you will like my posts. Thanks and Regards, Ibraheem Zaffar

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