If you are active in Counter Strike 1.6 Servers these days, you might have noticed a new type of crashing exploit that is being used in wild to crash cs 1.6 servers.

This is a new crashing technique which exploits an Input Validation vulnerability in Counter Strike 1.6 Steam Engine.

Usually you will see multiple players joining with names like #Cstrike_GIGIN_Label or other similar looking nicknmes.

Upon successful exploitation, game of all the players connected to that server is crashed!

To automate the process, Raiz0 has created a tool that sends crafted data packets to target server causing fake player flood in server and as a result all players are crashed or they leave the server due to lag.


How to Fix: (Updated on 16th Feburary, 2015)
To fix the problem, you have to update your Dproto to the latest version.
Download latest Dproto 0.9.524 Version from here.

To temporarily fix the problem, the only thing server owners can do is Password Protect their servers until the crasher is gone!

Currently there is no permanent solution available to fix this issue.

I will update this post as soon as I find a permanent solution to this problem.

If you know about any proper fix to this, kindly share in comments!