List of Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers in Germany.

Most of them are hosted in Germany while others are hosted elsewhere on VPS or Dedicated Servers.

If any German Server is missing in this list or you want your CS 1.6 Server added, please feel to post your Server’s IP in comments.

  • Tequila DeathMatch DD2 Only
  • Sirmium Arena ® | Assault Maps Only
  • Zombie Wars Advance 1.6
  • =|FaLCoN|= [14]
  • [RoZ].:Rise of ZombieS[1]:.
  • Tequila DeathMatch Inferno Only
  • BalkaN GaminG DeathMatch
  • [ZM] FantasY Zombie
  • AlcatraZ ~ [de_dust2]
  • Sirmium Arena
  • Fatality [COD:MW4]
  • 24~Onlypro100!*No4uter!
  • Relax DeathMatch
  • -=Live For Life=–[De_dust2] Only
  • Respawn.Arenacs.Net


P.S: This data is collected by our Auto Server Crawler and from online resources (like GameTracker, Community Forums).

If you find anything inaccurate or outdated, please let us know!