In case you don’t know what TeamSpeak is, its basically a software which allows many people to communicate with each other simultaneously.
TeamSpeak3 Logo
Just like you make conference calls on mobile phone or group calls on Skype.
The only difference is that TeamSpeak uses a central server to which all other people are connected.
TeamSpeak Architecture
Unlike other VoIP (Voice over IP) software, TeamSpeak is build especially for gamers.
Server managers can create accounts for users, set permissions, block users, setup groups and lots of other exciting features that Skype and other software don’t provide.

System Requirements:
TeamSpeak has no Hi-Fi requirements, all you need is a computer system with Windows 2K3/XP/7/8 and a smooth internet connection.


The latest version of TeamSpeak as of 3rd March,2015 is 3.0.16
Download TeamSpeak installer from the following links:
For x86 Systems (32-Bit Architecture)
For x64 Systems (64-Bit Architecture)
To check your computer’s architecture, follow these steps:
Click on Start Menu.
Right-click on Computer and click on Properties.
TeamSpeak Start Menu
A new window will open showing you the computer details like this:
TeamSpeak Architecture
Once you have downloaded the installer, run it by double-clicking and follow the steps below:
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 1
Click Next
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 2
Click I Agree
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 3
Click Next
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 4
Click Next
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 5
Click Next
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 6
Click Next
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 7
Click Install
TeamSpeak3 Install Step 8
Click Finish
Connect with TeamSpeak Server:
To connect with TeamSpeak Server, enter the IP of TeamSpeak Server and click Connect.
TeamSpeak3 Main Screen
Installation Problems:
If you face any problems while installing TeamSpeak3 Client on your Windows Operating System, just write in comments. We will find a solution and update this post!