Show HOFA is a plugin for Counter-Strike 1.6 servers that basically shows the details about server admins online, head admin, server owner, co-owners, founders, etc. HOFA is just an abbreviation for Head, Owner, Founder and Admins.
Show HOFA Plugin Show Admin Owner Head Admin
This one is a modified version of the Check Admin plugin that shows the list of admins currently online in the server. The original plugin was made by OneEyed from AlliedMods so all credit goes to him. If you are already using admin_check.amxx plugin then you will need to remove that plugin and add this one because of the newly added features.

To install this plugin follow the steps below:

  • Download show_hofa.amxx and put it in your cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins directory.
  • Add the line below in your cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini file:
    show_hofa.amxx debug

  • Change the following lines as necessary and add them in your cstrike/server.cfg file:
    amx_contactinfo " or Email at [email protected]"
    amx_coownerinfo ""
    amx_founderinfo " |"
    amx_headinfo ""

  • Restart your server for applying new changes.

To see this plugin in action, write any one of the following commands in chat:

Do not use this plugin along with admin_check.amxx plugin or you will face unexpected problems.

If you face any problems using this plugin or following above steps, feel free to write in comments.